Sunday, 19 April 2015

Surviving: One Month In.

It’s been a while since I backed a board game campaign on Kickstarter. Yes I know it’s another zombie game but that pixilated art work just grabbed me.

Surviving: One Month in is set in a post-apocalyptic city. You control a bunch of survivors who are trying to reclaim the city. To accomplish this you will move around the tiles searching buildings for supplies, killing zombies and fending off would be attackers in the form of the other players on the board.

David: I too liked the art work especially trying to find the zombie penguin. Try and find it here. After reading about the game one part that sounded interesting was that you could make a short or long game. This is good for us as sometimes we don’t get much time after school to play a full long game. Often we will play quick games like Zombie Dice or Age of War.

Mike: It’s being created by TeddyTech a UK based company run by Russell Neal who is currently the only employee and therefore taking this project forward by himself.

Board Know More have backed this and we hope you will too. Best of luck TeddyTech we look forward to getting our copy.
Here is the kickstarter page.


  1. I've seen this crop up a few times, and it definitely looks interesting. I'm a fan of the "rebuild" style zombie stories. Very tempted to pledge :)

  2. Do it, there are still a few £25 pledge options left. I really hope it makes the funding goal it has a week left so it has a very good chance. David is into anything Zombie related at the moment, so when I mentioned it I was asked cool when do we get it :-)