Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Our First Podcast

Finally we made it our first podcast is now live. It has taken us a lot longer than we thought but we got there eventually.

EDIT: Whoops forgot to include this - here is the RSS feed if you don’t use iTunes 

We found it difficult to decide on what to present as topics for our first podcast. In the end we had a few points we wanted to talk about. I let David decide on the format and we took it from there. It took us 16 minutes to record the very first line as David was in fits of giggles.

Oh and Thanks to Craig Hodges as well for our cool new logo.

In this episode we talk about

- The gaming community in South Wales.
- Kickstarter games we are excited about.
- Gen Con and Gen Cant
- What we have been playing recently.
- What we want to play next.
- TableTop Gaming Magazine.

We round off with a question.

What is your favourite small game to take out and about?

Episode Links:

Craig Hodges (did the artwork for our podcast logo)

Geeks in Wales by Jamie Gibbs. A great blog for geeky goings on in South Wales.

Tinkerbot games. Check out Tinkerbot Tactics a great little free game on their site.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. 


  1. Hi, any chance of a none iTunes link, good old fashioned RSS maybe?

    1. Hi SnowBlind, thanks for reminding me. I knew I forgot something I just had my head in Apple mode :-).
      I have updated the post with an RSS feed, Cheers Mike.