Monday, 28 September 2015

Board Know More @ Dragondaze - Podcast #02

As promised our second podcast is up and in this episode we cover our day at Dragondaze.

Dragondaze is a board game convention based in Newport. It is in its second year and raises money for Barnardos Young Carers.

David and I had a great time playing games and getting to try out some new games coming to kickstarter very soon.

A big thanks to the following for taking the time to speak to us.
Creature College is now available to back on kickstarter.

Check it out here.

We have backed it and look forward to playing it again.

Halfling feast is available as I type this from 9pm (GMT) September 28th  on kickstarter.

Check it out here.

We picked up a copy at Dragondaze and love it. It is a great filler game with some humorous cards.

Our question this podcast is:

If your gaming collection was on fire and you could save one game and one game only what would it be?

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  1. Hi guys, great to meet you on the day!

    If I had to save one, I reckon it would be my Crokinole board; it's beautiful to look at, it's a great game and if was an anniversary present from my wife so it holds a huge amount of sentimental value *sniff*.

    1. Nice choice, I keep seeing that board laid out in Rules of Play and would love to get one. Thanks for listening - it was a pleasure playing Ghostel.