Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Board Know More’s 10 x 10 Challenge.

Some of you may already be aware of this but each year Board Game Geek put up details of a 10 x 10 challenge.

The 10 x 10 challenge is to play 10 different games 10 times in 1 year.

This seemed like a good way to get a few of our favourites to the table and pick some games we haven’t played yet.

We decided to pick 5 each and the great thing about this challenge is you can swap a game out if you’re not happy.

The games we have chosen for this year are.

Star Wars Armada – This one was in our top 10 of 2015 and there are a few nice expansions that have recently been released.

Star Wars Imperial Assault – We haven’t played this yet and will get on it as soon as we finish our pandemic legacy campaign.

Memoir 44 – we never played this enough and had great fun each time we got it to the table.

Exodus: Proxima Centauri – No idea if this will go down well its not been played but looks awesome.

Roll For The Galaxy - My (Mike) Christmas present that hasn’t been played yet, and we have heard great things about this game.

Flick Um Up – This is quite easily the best game we have played so far this year and no doubt would have made our top 10 lists for 2015 had we played it.

Five Tribes – The second days of wonder game in our list. This game is great on its own and we would love to see what the expansion adds.

Netrunner – One of our favourite card games and an easy one to set up and play.. A great 2 player duel that leaves us wanting more every time.

Stronghold – Another 2 player only game that we haven’t played. Who doesn’t want to play a game where Orcs v Humans in a helms deep style siege. Looking forward to this one.

The Castles of Burgundy – I was quite surprised David enjoyed this as much as he did. There is a reason this is in the top 10 on BGG and it never fails to entertain us.

So that’s our initial10.

We have managed a few plays so far and will update throughout the year.

We would love to hear if anyone else is doing a 10x10 or similar challenge. Let us know maybe we can help each other out.


  1. A solid list :) I've rigged up a 10x10 list as well (though still need to figure out how to make the list on BGG). So far so good, though I've listed games I don't yet own - eep!

    1. You need to make a geeklist from your account. Once you have done that post it here